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What you need to know at times of Bereavement
If death occurs at home:
When the death takes place at home, you need to inform the doctor that the death has occurred. He/she may write out the Medical Certificate of Death when they visit the house, or may request you attend the surgery for this purpose.

After the doctor has attended, that is the time to phone the Funeral Director or before if you wish. We will attend your home at any time, day or night to remove the deceased to our Chapel of Rest. We will then arrange an appointment at your convenience to discuss the funeral arrangements.
When death occurs in a Hospital:
When death happens in hospital the procedure is very similar. Apply to the hospital for the Medical Certificate of Death and not your family doctor.

The Coroner :
In cases where death has been reported to the Coroner the procedure is somewhat different. The Coroner and his officers are working in your interest. No doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Death. This will be sent by the Coroner to the Registrar's Office in the district where the death occurred, after contact has been made with the Coroner's office.
If the death is in Hospital or the Coroner is involved, you can contact us at any time to discuss funeral arrangements, even though death certificates are not yet available.